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A friend of my father fucked me and he came inside

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She knew him by sight, but she had always made him very horny. he was a man older than himself and very muscular. she worked with her father and often saw them together, until one day she managed to strike up a conversation with him and they decided to stay. the experience for this young boy was brutal, since he was not only an attractive man but his muscles stood out above all else. they began to kiss and undress, and by surprise she grabbed him in her arms and carried him to the bed. there that big man did practically everything, he was even scared, since he was trying new things and the truth is that he was liking it too. after an intense fuck the guy ended up cumming inside his ass, he was sure that he was a young man with little sexual experience and that there was no risk, so he left as a gift a creampie that was coming out of his anus for a long time.
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