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As soon as he arrived from class his uncle fucked him

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He went to see his uncle as soon as he left class, he caught him on the way and many days he visited him. but this young man never imagined what was going to happen that day. the boy told the mature man that he had a lot of stress from the exams, the man's response was to give him a shoulder massage. it seemed innocent, but it wasn't. he told her to take off her shirt so she could give him a better massage, but it was already too hot to stop that. as soon as he saw the boy's naked torso, he hugged him and began to kiss him. the young man would lie if he said that he was not sexually attracted to him, obviously he was. in fact, he liked mature men, but being from his family could be considered incest. however, that detail did not seem to matter much to either of them, who soon were totally naked and with their cocks pointing at each other. the university student began to suck his uncle's cock, which was hard for the bastard. shortly after, he got down on all fours with his pomp butt and the man entered him. it didn't take long for the boy to cum in his favorite posture, which was sitting on top of him. seeing that he had come, the man got so excited that he got up to pour all the semen on him.
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