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Do you dare to fuck your father?

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His father lived like a man, he had his son practically at his service and that allowed him to enjoy a comfort that few men have. but of course, being at his service was not going to be just to bring him something to drink when he wanted, so that day he asked him for something unusual, something a father should never ask a son for. he directly proposed sexual intercourse to him, and he was so direct that before finishing the sentence he was showing him his hard cock. she asked him if he dared to fuck his father, and the boy quickly responded by pulling his cock out as well and sitting next to him. soon after, he was eating the tail of the mature man while he thought that it would feel to be penetrated by that cock. it did not take him long to experience it, since a while later his father was penetrating his ass, fucking him like so many other times they had both fantasized. but now it was real, and the strongest thing is that his father came inside his ass, so he did a good creampie leaving it dripping.
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