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Do you really want to fuck me?

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He was his older brother and therefore he couldn't believe he wanted to fuck him. it appeared by surprise behind him and went for all. he took off her shirt with one hand and touched his package with the other. it was then when the young man turned around asking him if he really wanted to fuck him, however his brother did not even answer him, it was not necessary. it was then when he got up and was encouraged to undress his older brother too, he was also horny, so the two wanted to do it. first he ate his dick and they played with his penises, but after a while he settled on the sofa and received the other boy's dick inside his ass it was one of those fucking that they never forget, not everyone can say they have had sex incestuous with a brother, but they did. in the end, yes, he came in his mouth while the other boy jerked to cum too.
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