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They were two quite special youngsters, the typical outcasts but who ended up being friends. there, at the house of one of them, they limited themselves to talking briefly about their things and reading, until when they saw in one of the magazines some photos of men with their muscular torsos the two young men lit up their eyes. they had gotten horny, it was obvious that they both liked the same things, that is, uncles. one of them reached for his hand into the other's pack and pulled it out of his pants. when he grabbed her he was amazed since he had her very hard. it's one of the best things about being 19 years old, that your cock responds at any time and with brutal hardness. they tried oral sex sucking cocks, until little by little they went further. they were undressing and a boy got on top of the other to penetrate his little ass. after being fucked and completely naked, they ended up cumming, first one and then the other. right at the end they heard the front door, their parents had just arrived. you can imagine what happened next.
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