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He fucks his son while he is with the laptop

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The boy didn't really do anything, just lie on his stomach with his laptop. but when his father entered the room he tried to take it off. seeing that the boy was totally concentrated, he decided to do something he had been thinking about for a long time, and it was nothing more than trying to have sex with him. she started to touch his ass and the boy didn't say anything, so that gave him free rein to continue with his depraved behavior. he took off his pants and underwear, and with his hard, throbbing cock, he got on top of him, rubbing his buttocks. when he saw that the boy had no intention of participating, he stood in front of him and put his cock in his mouth, just then he stopped looking at his laptop to look at his father's eggs, that was certainly much more interesting. he was sucking her until the man decided to enjoy the young man's body too, until he lubricated his anus to prepare him for penetration.he lay down on the bed and it was the boy who put himself on his tail, allowing it to easily enter him . father and son were fucking in the boy's bed until it was time to come. both fulfilled their most morbid and depraved fantasy.
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