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He jerks off his sleeping brother and cums in dreams

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He went to his brother's room in the morning and found him totally asleep, it is what he must have been partying the night before. however something stood out in him, it was the typical morning erection that most of us guys have. that made him hot and it occurred to him to start touching him. after a while he took out his cock, it was very hard, too. he knew he couldn't fuck him, after all it was his brother, but maybe if he jerked him off he wouldn't find out. he started jerking off and felt his hot tail in his hand. he began to wonder if he would be able to cum, but it didn't take long to find out. after being masturbating his brother, and without even waking up, the boy ended up cumming. his tail throbbed after the run, but he was still asleep. possibly she would be dreaming of something hot while she jerked him off. after that ejaculation she carefully cleaned it, covered it with the sheets again and left as if nothing had happened. the boy never found out what happened, although perhaps if he sees this video he may be surprised by what happened that morning.
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