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He teaches his stepson to shave his balls and they end up having sex

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When the mature man entered the bathroom, he found his stepson trying to shave his balls, but he was horrified because he was doing it badly. it was then that she offered to give him a hand, he would help her. he spent a while shaving them, but when he finished he did something that the young man did not expect. he took off his pants and showed her his totally hard cock, and of course shaved. he had gotten so horny that he no longer cared to show it, so the young man when he saw him went straight to eat his cock. they did it until the mature man came on his face, the boy had never been so happy, but the next day they wanted to talk about it, and what happened was that they decided to do things right. that was how his stepfather ended up fucking his ass, now if he was really happy.
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