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He wanted to bitch his brother and ended up getting fucked

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The joke did not turn out as expected. he went to whore his brother while he was sleeping in bed and when the boy woke up and saw what he was doing, he was not fucking funny. he was going to pay dearly for putting that foam on his hand, he grabbed it tightly and threw him to the ground. his brother was trapped, he couldn't move, and so in that strange posture and unable to move a single muscle, his older brother pulled out his cock and rubbed it across his face. he thought that maybe it was a way of bitching him, but it wasn't, his brother wanted something more serious. he undressed him and told him that he had to eat his cock, that would be his punishment. he was trapped and had no choice, so he did it. after the blowjob it was obvious that he would penetrate him, so he shoved it directly into his ass. that was a secret sex story between the two stepbrothers, who had no problem publishing their first sexual encounter.
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