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Her father pierced her tender 18-year-old ass

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Her son was only 18 years old, he was a thin and fragile boy compared to the corpulence of the mature. but just that difference in size was what made his father horny. the mature man worked too many hours and did not pay much attention to him, but the young man knew perfectly well that he still had certain needs. that was what took him that day to go talk to him, but it was not that it took him long to get off his pants fly and take off his cock. of course the boy knew what that meant, so he quickly went to look that tail and put it in his mouth. shortly after his father was penetrating him in his own office, his big paternal cock entered inside his tight little ass of only 18 years old while he enjoyed like never in his entire life. in fact, the young man was the first of the two to come, soon after his father did it on him.
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