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His older brother caught him jerking off and look what happened

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Jerking off while watching is most healthy, especially when you think you are alone in your privacy. even so, he covered himself with a blanket in case someone could discover him, and that was exactly what happened. he appeared and suddenly took off the blanket to see what he was doing and saw him holding his cock very hard while looking at his mobile. he took the phone away from her to see what exactly she was viewing, and of course discovered that it was gay porn. it was then that he also took out his cock and showed it to him, told him to continue jerking in the meantime. shortly after he put it on his face to suck it, the young man was too excited about it. then he indicated him to get down on all fours and put the cock inside his ass to fuck him as he had dreamed so many other times. then she turned around and spread her legs wide so that he could continue fucking her ass, until finally he poured all her milk into her anus. her brother's face said it all, it had been the best experience of his life.
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