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Jealous to see how his cousin was going to fuck his father

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He and his cousin argued over the remote control of the tv, until both young men ended up on the ground fighting over him. all this was seen by the father of one of them sitting on the sofa, until he wanted to calm down and told them to sit down. it was then that she approached his nephew and began to flirt with him, she was touching him and she even put her fingers in his mouth. his son looked very jealous, he didn't know if for his cousin or for his father, but he was jealous. he got angry and gave them back the remote control, but that mattered little to them, the boy was eating the mature man's tail. the other boy saw all that very angry, until they told him he could participate, at which point who jumped off the couch to suck his cock too. he fucked them both of course, both young men wanted his cock and he was going to give it to both of them, even if it was in turns.
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