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Occasionally my father does this to me

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And he claims to be a religious man, but even so it does not seem that for him religion is incompatible with fucking with his son. the young man had just come from playing a soccer game and was changing in his room, when his father suddenly appeared. the mature man was a preacher, a clearly religious man by vocation, but above all a man. when she saw her son naked, he got horny, she couldn't help it. she started to touch his naked body and the boy was actually turned on too, especially out of respect for his father. soon he was eating his mature, clerical cock, then offered him his ass. however, the mature man took it easy, before penetrating it, he began to lick his anus for a long time, then when he was horny and well lubricated, it was when he penetrated him. this mature latino ended up ejaculating in the face of his own son. a while later he proceeded as usual to deliver the typical sermon his faith demanded, without any remorse.
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