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Psychiatrist takes advantage of her sex addiction

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Encouraged by his parents, he finally went to the psychiatrist to treat his obsession with sex. he was what we could call an addict who had nothing else on his mind, so after speaking in his first consultation with that man with whom he thought to be honest, he did not expect it to happen. as he recounted his thoughts and some experiences, the mature man became increasingly horny. the boy wasn't looking at him, but he was taking off his pants and pulling his tail out as the young man spoke. he suddenly turned and there she saw him pointing his cock at her. an ordeal to which he of course he succumbed. he grabbed his cock and began to jerk him off while the psychiatrist continued undressing, it was clear that he was going to fuck him. shortly after, he penetrated the young man's hairy ass, and after a few strokes the boy came as if he had a hose instead of a cock.
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