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Sex hazing of college boys

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I already wish i had been given this kind of sexual hazing when i entered college at 18 or 19 instead of having to run naked or throw water balloons at me. wherever a good cock is in your ass, take the rest off, and on top of that, this university is full of homosexuals, i'll see if i find out where it is from to make a "tourist" visit ... blowjobs, bareback fucking and a lot of supposed whores they are the ones that these kids will have to endure, but i have no doubt that both the newbies and the older students had a great time. the truth is that boys do their role very well and keep the type because although everyone likes sex, it is also understood that they will experience some embarrassment being there naked in front of a lot of strangers, but they still have a year ahead of them. know each other thoroughly, you understand me. we can recommend that if you start at the university that you take it with humor and follow the game of the bad guys, then surely they have a very good heart and these rituals are totally normal and have been going on for years, as bad vibes go you will point yourself out from the beginning and i don't think you're interested in missing out on being the whore of the most handsome boy in class.
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