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Son, have you seen your stepfather? no mom …

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The woman's son was sitting studying when his new stepfather suddenly appeared. he was a mature man, younger than his mother, but he treated her well. at that time he offered to give him a massage, the boy was surprised but thought he could use it. when he wanted to notice and looked to the side, he discovered with amazement that his new stepfather had put his tail on his shoulder. he tried to continue as if nothing, but the man did not keep his cock. until his mother suddenly came, then he hid it as best he could and went to the bathroom. when he returned, he took his cock out again behind his mother's back and made hints to him if he wanted to eat it. finally the boy got under the table and sucked on his cock, he was actually wanting it. he tasted bad for his mother, who was a saint, but that bastard was very good. after that blowjob they went to the bathroom where his stepfather penetrated his ass. his mother appeared asking her son if he had seen the man, he replied no while drilling his anus mercilessly hidden behind the door.
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