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Son, how fast you have grown

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His father found an old family photo album and sat down with his son to look at those old photographs. they were both excited, his son had grown up too fast and was already a man. all that made the man quite aroused, it was too evident that he was touching the package, his penis had a tremendous erection. the boy was not stupid and he knew perfectly well that the mature man liked cocks, and there is nothing like a son's love for his father. perhaps that is why it was precisely the young man who came to him to kiss him while his dear father hugged him. shortly after, he was looking for that bulky package that the mature man had in his pants until he pulled out his cock to put it in his mouth, they undressed little by little and the man showed him his toned body, for his age it was totally impressive. you could tell that he was a gym fan, and when the boy saw him he sucked even more hard. shortly after they returned to the sofa and the young man sat on his father's cock to be penetrated. so they were fucking until the man came inside his ass, then he sucked the boy's cock until it came in his mouth. children of course grow up too fast.
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