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Son, what a dick you already have

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Her son used to go home naked, they lived alone and he did not care that his father saw him. but when that day he was resting on the sofa, the mature man arrived and bent down to see him well. he had a good cock, and the boy, seeing his interest, started jerking off in front of him. it was then that the mature man did not cut himself at all and it was he who held his tail to jerk off. soon after, his father also took out his cock and the boy jerked him this time. that was no longer so normal, and although nudism was well seen by both of them, incest was just something morbid that they were about to fall into. the man did not even think about it, he sat down next to him and began to eat the young man's cock. that blowjob of course made him get too horny to say no, taking advantage of the boy being naked he just had to sit him on the sofa and, while holding his legs, penetrate him. right there on the sofa and while they were recording with a home camera it was how and where it happened, they fucked until the mature man came. once he had ejaculated, they got up from the sofa and went on with their things as if nothing had happened.
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