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The best kept secret of two brothers

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That two brothers bathe together is something rare, something that they kept secret so that their parents did not know it. but that later the older brother penetrates the youngster was already something that certainly should not be known. it is not really rare for two brothers to see each other naked, or even to take a shower together. but that they lather each other, that they touch their genitals and that they end up sucking their cocks is already very unusual. but not satisfied with it, the oldest told the boy that he had to learn more about sex, so he often offered to give him some practical classes, that's how it happened the first time, although it is quite common for them already . he put her in the same bathroom while the young man screamed when he felt his cock inside. and is that his older brother made him very horny, he was already a man, and quite muscular and attractive. but there was no doubt that he preferred sex with his own brother than with other boys, that's why they always ended up fucking each other. in the end after cumming they ended up kissing as if they were one of those stable couples, but at least this time they dared to share their video.
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