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The mature had sex with his nephew and his son

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His nephew had come to spend a few days at his house, but he could believe what he saw. both his uncle and cousin were kissing on the couch in his absence. the boy looked at them perplexed from the living room door until they became aware of his presence. while looking at them he touched his cock excitedly, for some reason that incestuous act had made him very hot. so when the two smiles invited him to join, he didn't even think about it. first, it was his own cousin who ate his cock, which was already very hard. meanwhile his uncle was undressing him and he was jerking off looking at them, suddenly the young man turned around and began to suck his father. they stood up and the boy was sucking each other, until the mature man put him on the sofa preparing his ass and penetrated him. he spent some time fucking him, but soon his uncle returned to claim his son's anus to continue giving him until the end while he ate his cock. it was all quite surprising, more like a dream, but without a doubt he was willing to stay a long time with them.
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