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The sexual affair with her uncle ended in divorce

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He pretended to be at his uncles' house for a few days, but never imagined the outcome. it is true that he had always wanted it, but the fact that his uncle was a married man and supposedly straight made it a dream to fuck with him. however that day everything changed, when he got home his nephew was waiting for him and they began to talk. it did not take long for the young man to jump for him, taking advantage of the fact that his aunt was not at home, it was a risk but he was willing to assume it. luckily it turned out well, his uncle responded and it was the beginning of an incredible sexual relationship for both of them. he first sucked her in such a way that he literally left him shaking, surely his wife didn't do the same to him. the mature man also tasted her little ass just before penetrating him. he took her deep and gave her a great fuck in her room until they both came. but from that day on, he couldn't look at his wife in the same way again, he only got turned on thinking about his nephew. that sexual experience led him to divorce and to do something that he was really passionate about, fucking with young men.
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