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The young man did not want, but he ended up liking it

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This boy broke into an acquaintance's house with the intention of stealing, but was discovered. his punishment was clear what it was going to be. he took him to the living room and there he took out his cock with the intention of giving him a blowjob. but the boy was not going to make it easy for him, he assured that he was straight and that he did not want to do that. but she had no choice if she didn't want him to call the police, so she ended up shoving the man's cock into her mouth. he kept making faces in disgust, but that was actually turning him on. when he laid him down on his stomach and put his cock in, the boy was already crazy. he had never imagined that he could feel so much pleasure having a man inside him. the result was obvious, the boy ended up cumming while giving him the ass. something she would never have imagined, but that experience changed her life without a doubt.
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