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What are you doing naked in my bed? dad was waiting for you

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The mature man was showering in his bathroom, but he wasn't expecting what would happen when he left. and it is that he went to his room to look for his clothes and found his son totally naked in his bed. he was surprised of course, and asked what he was doing there. but the boy was just smiling at him, what he intended was more than clear to both of them. it was precisely the boy who approached the tail of his father, who hung ostensibly. he gave him a good blowjob, the kind that only a son knows how to give to his father. the mature man became so horny that his cock became instantly hard, shortly after he was penetrating his ass in the same bed where he sleeps every night with the boy's mother. in the end the two came together simultaneously demonstrating total rapport. of course, as soon as he came, the boy quickly left the room because his mother came home and discovered them.
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