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What if you eat my dick?

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Although he was his stepbrother, the request did not surprise him. the two of them were home alone and sitting on the sofa talking, they both liked cocks and it was not so crazy to ask. he played it and told her that he could eat her cock. the other boy stared at him smiling, surely he was thinking about that when he told him. as was normal, it didn't take him long to start the job, he grabbed her cock and began to suck it. after that blowjob he went straight to the sofa and turned on his back, he was ready for her to put it in and his stepbrother knew it. he licked his ass and soon after he was putting it in. they both fucked on the couch at home until they came, and of course that was only the first time of many others that came later. sometimes you have to open a door to never close it again.
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