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While his son was asleep he did what he wanted

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When he entered the room and found his son asleep, he didn't even think about it. he lay down next to him and started doing things that a normal father would never do. first he touched his body and little by little he became more horny. then he pulled his cock out of the corner of his eye while looking at his face from time to time to see if he made any gesture to wake up, but the boy did not react, he was still totally asleep and he continued to take advantage of the situation. after playing for a while even putting his hand on his cock, in the end he decided to take off his underwear and try his luck. by trying his luck, he obviously meant trying to put his cock in her ass, which he did without hesitation. he put it in slowly and very carefully to avoid waking him, until he felt it completely inside the boy. once the mature man had penetrated him, he felt that he could no longer stop until he came, no matter what happened. and what happened was something that was really expected, and that is that her son woke up. the boy's scared and surprised face said it all, he tried to get his father off him but without success. despite letting him see that he did not want him to continue with that other part of him encouraged him to continue, so after being awhile trying to resist he finally let himself be carried away by his father.
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