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With their bibles in hand they went house to house until …

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We have all been hit by the typical religious boys who go with their bibles in their hands trying to make us see how badly we do things and that they are the answer. not something else, but finding was precisely they who met, and it was precisely a good dick. at the first change one of the two boys suspected what the uncle was trying to tell them and ran away from there, but the other stayed. it is not known whether it was because he was a bit silly, if he wanted to get him on the right track, or if he simply liked cocks. the question is that he entered that uncle's house, who looked quite neglected, was in keeping with the disorder in his house. he didn't even think about it, and when the boy was sitting on the sofa, he stood up and took off his cock and put it on his face. indeed, the answer was that he liked tails, because you don't see how the bastard sucked. after the blowjob that guy started playing with him, or more specifically with his anus until he ended up fucking him. of course, that boy had not come for a long time, because at the time of doing it he seemed to be decomposing. not only were they brutal squirts, but her face said it all. it was evident that he preferred the bad way.
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