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You really don’t care that i’m your uncle?

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Finally uncle and nephew were alone. the two of them sitting on the sofa couldn't stop looking at each other and even touching each other. but as time went by they went further and further, until they finally took off their shirts. seeing their bare torsos made them both hot, and that's when the boy launched into a kiss for his uncle. however, the man leaned back surprised, not that he was not hot, but the fact of kissing with his nephew seemed very strange. he even asked him if he really did not care that they were family, but the young man answered him again with another kiss.he finally managed to make his uncle horny of course and the man launched himself. they kept taking off their clothes until the mature man began to eat the young man's surprisingly big cock. they changed the blowjobs until finally his uncle penetrated him. the young man's eyes seemed to come out of their sockets as he took him in the ass, that was brutal for him. he kept hitting her hard until at last they both stood up, and that's exactly how they both ended, but that is, both of them full of cum.
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