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Your mother has asked me to talk to you

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His mother was really angry and worried, the boy didn't pay any attention to him and he didn't know what to do with him anymore. he used to be away too long and did not like his companies. so maybe his stepfather decided to talk to him from man to man, so he told the boy's mother not to worry, that he would talk to the young man. what the woman did not even imagine was how the thing would end, since the mature man was strongly attracted to the boy. as soon as they started talking they were already kissing and undressing, now he began to understand why the boy went out so much at home, he was just looking for cocks like he did when he was also young. but this time he did not need to look for any tail, he had a hard one in his own house and from an already mature man. they both ended up completely naked and the stepfather literally pierced his stepson's anus. his mother of course did not suspect anything, but her man was fucking her own son behind her back. in the end both ended up cumming, he did not need to speak, but it is true that the boy from that day changed his attitude completely.
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