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You’ve been a very bad boy, right?

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At 18 years of age he only thought about sex, but that man certainly knew how to treat it. they were always hidden, since the young man did not want his parents or friends to find out about that, so they always went to hotels. but that if, once in the room they knew well how to take advantage of the time. the man knew how to treat that young boy, in fact he did it as if it were his son. first, she would sit him on her knees and give him a few spankings on her small and hard ass, surely it had been very bad and she had to teach him a lesson, that always made the boy horny, who soon after was naked like his boyfriend. after a while she was sucking his cock while they recorded this home video. he may not want anyone to know, but what he could not imagine is that the video would end up being seen by thousands of people. he gave her a good fuck in the hotel, one of the many that he did. in the end he came inside her little ass, no wonder, a boy like that must be left dripping with semen.
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